Hi! Yay, I am thrilled you stopped in to say hi and take a peak to learn who I am and what I love to do.


What is important to my work, is the individual picture ~ how I came to taking the picture; the visualization, the creation, the process. Photography, to me, is more than the technical or even the creative, what matters is that each image stands on its own with it's own place and feeling.


Growing up I was the quiet, shy one - the one who would listen and watch intently and with enormous curiosity mostly behind my older sister.  Although most would wonder why I was so quiet and whether or not I would come out of my shell, I was perfectly happy with the creative person I was becoming.  I did not discover how my quiet, instinctual spirit was until I picked up a camera and began shooting. My love of capturing the untold stories of humans became my voice. 

I do live a fairly quiet life - you will never hear me yell out my accomplishments (well, except for raves of my almost 4 year old.)  I know my accomplishments and that is what matters.  If I am not running circles in my hometown, you will find my spirit dancing wild in the mountains.

I take great affection in documenting and capturing the untold stories and I do it with pure soul. 

love is the bridge between you and everything
— rumi


  • sipping endless amounts of coffee from hole-in-the-wall joints
  • running in the rain
  • bomb fires and smores
  • laughing
  • laughing surrounded by those closest to me
  • wrapping myself up in thick textures, it feels wonderful
  • sitting by the fire on a cold day, reading my favorites stored on my mantel
  • the smell of old books
  • singing from the top (mainly tunes from Disney movies)
  • love at first site
  • feeling the windy air wrap my hair around my face
  • embarking on last minute adventures. Nothing better than unplanned
  • believing in God
  • trusting my instincts
  • capturing moments and unfolding your story with my camera