S O P H I A.

Sophia is a self-driven happy soul, an adventurous and kind spirit. A conduit for her outgoing leadership roles that would play out – Girl Scouts to attending a D.C. conference in international leadership. Her entire youth and throughout her high school years, she has achieved more than anyone I personally know.

A conservationist to environmentalist – her innate ability to bring her passions to the forefront is what makes this gorgeous soul so inspiring. Planting trees at the age of 4 to Captain of her Color Guard Team and everything in between – Theater, ROTC, 3.97 GPA, to a lover of dance and of course her love of water and nature drove her to the very serene environment of the Truckee River.

I was so privileged to have been there to capture her rare, kind and enthusiastic spirit. I just adore her so much.